My TAL-2M telescope has a nice 8x50 finder, but using this finder at higher altitudes is neck breaking and the zenith is impossible, even after putting some bricks under the legs of the pier

But no more: I found a nice and cheap solution. Yep, I bought a toy scope !

I visited a temporary shop - we call them ' flying shops' - which for a short term use the space of vacated shop room (usually because the shop that used to be there has moved and the new regular shop is not yet there).
In that temporary shop I spotted an 'astronomic ground telescope'; costs Euro 17 only.
It came with a reasonable tripod, a diagonal, several eye pieces and even a Barlow .

I got intrigued and asked if I could unpack it and have a closer look.
No problem.

The optics of the OTA did not look too bad, but I was surprised by the quality was the small 'cigar-like' mini-finder on a bracket: it even has cross hairs!

So I bought the set with 2 goals in my mind:

The new Finder mounted on the TAL-2M
I drilled 6 holes in the OTA of the toy scope and used 6 parker screws to overcome the gap between the finder tube and the existing rings of the TAL-2M finder.
I made crosshairs in the eyepiece by using a small piece of plastic tube that snuggly fits inside the eyepiece.
Using a sharp knife I made small slits in the plastic tube and put a single stand of electricity wire through it: perfect!
Please note the diagonal, now holding the 20mm eyepiece with crosshairs.
I can even use the 3xBarlow that came with the kit ....
And I can also use my home made illumination of the crosshairs !
Another view