When you are imaging you usually play around with the camera settings and then you capture your images. Then you make another session of the same object or you go to the next object. In the meantime you have forgotten what camera settings you used :-{

In 2006 QCUIAG member Martin Burri released the latest version of his - freeware - Webcam Control utility: WcCtrl, which you can use to control AND log the settings.
My currently practice is to use WcCtrl to control the camera; when in WDM mode K3CCDTools3 provides a nice handshake with WcCtrl.

Important: set the "Slider Update Interval" at 10 seconds because faster values cause conflicts with K3CCDTools, especially with long(er) exposures.
Version 1.5 now has the posibility to automatically make a screen dump of your current (imaging) screen, and thus also the K3CCDTools Brightness Meter readings, the AVI file name and the actual exposure times are recorded.

This screen dump was automatically made by WcCtrl when the imaging started.

Note 1: when using an ATIK camera KCCDTools3 automatically records the relevant details in a .log file.

Note 2: when imaging with my Canon 1000D all relevant information is in the EXIF of course.