Websites of Christian astronomers:
Frank Barrett ; Howard Cripe ; Manuel Fernandes; Dave Hahne ; Richard Hammar; James Hardy; Richard Jacobs; Peter Katreniak (K3) ; Russ Lund ; Warren Norville ; Dennis Persyk; John Sussenbach; Ron Worden

Website of my church: Evangelische Baptisten Gemeente Valkenswaard (in Dutch)

The Morning Star: for a special view on astronomy, constellations, astrology etc.

Evidence for Christianity
Bewijzen voor het Christendom

I am an active member of the following Yahoo Groups:
QCUIAG ; PST and Solar Observers.

Sites of some of my QCUIAG friends:
Carsten Arnholm ; Greg Beeke ; Cor Berrevoets; Etienne Bonduelle ; Rick Burke ; Martin Burri; Steve Chambers; Paul Gordon ; Dave Harper ; Tom How ; Rob Kantelberg ; Robin Leadbeater ; Peter Lloyd ; Eric Madeleine ; Matthias Meijer ; Dave Molyneaux; Dave Nash; Gene Nolan; Stephane Poirier; John Punnett ; Ashley Roeckelein ; Sergio Saltamonti ; Tan Thiam Guan (aka TG) ; Jim Thommes

My favourite imaging and post processing software (most of it FREEWARE or 'almost for free ware'):
See my Software page

Auto-scroller of big images (nice for giant moon mosaics !) DOWNLOAD HERE
Thank you Cor Berrevoets!

Some Dutch astronomy sites:
Alles over sterrenkunde - Govert Schilling

A fine beginners site: Astronomy For Beginners