I tend to forget my last usage of my LX200: was it visual or with a camera and if so: which one? Did I use a Barlow or a Focal Reducer and if so: which one ?

So when starting a new session I usually attach the camera I want to use, aim at a bright star and look at the preview screen on my laptop with the slight hope to see at least something so that I can start fine focusing.
Most of the times I see NOTHING because I am way out of focus with the optics/camera combo I am using right now. So I made this rather crude but practical "LX200 last used reminder", which I pinned at the walls of my Observatory.
The sliders are covered with transparent tape, so that they are supposed to handle some wear and tear.

I used thumb tacks to mark the 'window'.
Now all I need to do is NOT to forget to put the sliders - which I can move up and down - in the correct position before I leave my observatory !

A note for myself (because I always forget): when increasing the focal length (e.g. by mounting a Barlow or Powermate) the manual focus knob of the LX200 must be rotated clockwise to achieve focus: 'zooming in'.
And when decreasing the focal length (e.g. by mounting a focal reducer) the manual focus knob of the LX200 must be rotated counter clockwise to achieve focus: 'zooming out'.