After having used my first scope TAL-2M for over 4,5 years with lots and lots of joy I felt that I had outgrown this scope and started to look for a bigger and more advanced telescope.
My closest astro-friends helped me with wise advices and recommendations, which finally led me to a decision: a Meade LX200 Classic 10" f/10 telescope!

November 8, 2005
My Meade LX200 Classic just arrived.
Aperture: 10 inch; 254mm
Focal length: 2500 mm
RA and DEC motorized; GoTo
Field Tripod
Accessories: 26 mm eye piece, cables, hand controller, electric focuser.

Some bought and home made add-ons/modifications.

LX 200 - Home made Heavy Duty Piggy Back Rail for Autoguiding LX 200 - Home made Piggy Back Rail with Sliders LX 200 - Home made Dew Shield LX 200 - Meade Focal Reducer f/3.3
Upgrading my observatory Wedge and Pier LX200 - Home Made Solar Filter
LX200 - Home Made Hartmann Mask
LX200 - Home Made Diffraction Spikes Mask
LX200 - Home Made Balance Rail LX200 - Electric Focuser Handpad: adjusting the clutch LX200 - Home Made Electric Focuser Handpad
LX200 DEC Problems LX200 RA problems Piggy Back on LX200 for William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO

MAPUG: an absolute MUST for LX200 owners