This piggy back rail firmly holds my filter wheel so that I can attach a camera at one side and an SLR Photolens at the other side.
The whole rail fits on the piggy back base I have made for my LX200.
The bolts holding the metal angles to the rail pass through slightly elongated holes, enabling small left/right adjustments to line up with the OTA.
Here are some workbench views:

It is nice when a project is sucessfully completed !

Fully operational: piggy back, dew shield, 135mm SLR Photolens, filterwheel firmly clamped, ATK16IC camera.
The SLR Photolens (M42 thread) is screwed into the T2 thread of the filterwheel: an "almost match" (do NOT force !!), which works fine for low weight SLR Photolenses.
Not recommended for heavy weight SLR Photolenses !

And it works too:
M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
October 18, 2008 19:50 - 21:13 UT.
Imaging: SLR Photolens 135mm focal length piggybacked on my LX200, Astronomik LRGB filters; ATK16IC b/w camera.
Exposures: L 16x240s [1x1]; RGB 5x60s [2x2], unguided.

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