Nice to have: my collection of LX200 Classic Schematics.
I hope you will never need them for repairs, but just in case ...
Most of the schematics come from Telescope Service, but their website has ceased to exist, alas.
Oh: to enlarge the small print on the PDFs you can use "Ctrl +" to zoom in [works in IE and Mozilla], else use the more awkward zoom function in Adobe.

LX200 Bench Test Setup
LX200 Hand Controller
LX200 Classic Hand Controller Keycodes
LX200 Main Board Mounting
LX200 Main Board Sheet 1
LX200 Main Board Sheet 2
LX200 Main Board Sheet 3
LX200 Power Panel
LX200 Procedures for Removal and Installation of Printed Circuit Board And Motor Assemblies
LX200 Power Panel
LX200 Motor Assembly Sheet 1
LX200 Motor Assembly Sheet 2

Here are my own - luckily solved - predicaments:
LX200 RA Problems and Repair and
LX200 DEC Problems and Repair.

LX200 Instruction Manual, some Operating Instructions and other stuff.
LX200 Classic Instruction Manual
LX200 Operating Instructions 18 volt Power Supply
LX200 Operating Instructions 1206 Electric Focuser
Datasheet IR LED's of DEC and RA gearbox