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Woensdag 4 januari 2012 is Jan Timmermans overleden.
On Wednesday 4th January 2012, Jan Timmermans sadly passed away.

Jan Timmermans

Died January 4, 2012 during the Quadrantids meteor shower, a celestial light show to welcome him to the Heaven in which he had total faith.

Jan was one of the Elders of QCUIAG and was there from the early days, learning, advancing, teaching and encouraging other astronomers who were part of the exciting revolution of using unconventional and low cost devices for astronomical imaging. He mastered the techniques and then set about passing on his knowledge to other members of our group. Jan was quick to praise and quick to offer constructive criticism as many a novice and experienced astronomer discovered.

Jan travelled to the United Kingdom to attend two conferences of QCUIAG and I was honoured to meet him in 2004 at Milton Keynes. Here are a few photographs from that occasion showing him in his element, listening, discussing and explaining techniques of astronomical imaging with other enthusiasts.

One of Jan's contributions to astronomy was to set up and maintain an astronomical website second to none. If anyone wanted to know something, they would go to Jan's website where they would find advice, tutorials, explanations and a myriad of wonderful astronomical images.

The last image that Jan posted to his website was a 'Full Solar Disk [Imaged in White Light] November 15, 2011 11:14 UT'. His last posting to the QCUIAG forum was on December 10th 2011 and he signed off in his familiar way: Groetjes/greetings from The FIRMAMENT Observatory. Jan Timmermans N 51.363 E 5.4622 (Valkenswaard - The Netherlands) <><. With the name of his observatory and website as well as the sign of the fish, Jan proudly proclaimed his humble, Christian beliefs. The title words of his website are
The Firmament, as respectfully observed by a Dutch backyard astronomer. <><
This is a Christian site and shows with respect, the work of God's fingers <><

A clear reference to Psalm 8 and a simple proclamation of his faith.

It will fall to others to write an obituary for Jan of a different kind. I knew him as an astronomer and colleague in our exciting revolution and I write this at his own request. Jan Timmermans was a good man, a family man and a valued member of our QCUIAG family of astronomers. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.Vaarwel mijn oude vriend. Kunt u genieten van het Firmament uit de eerste hand.

Steve Wainwright

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I have always been interested in the 'heavens above', but never really had the time for astronomy. I am a retired (December 1999) business consultant and early 2001 - on a clear winter night - I walked my dog Duko and looked up again. That was the turning point: I went to a 5 evening astronomy course, bought a telescope and built The FIRMAMENT Observatory
Via the QCUIAG I learned that it is possible to capture images by using a Webcam camera! I captured my very first image in October 2001.

About my images: please note that you cannot use my images without my explicite approval.
Should anybody yet do so I will charge Euro 150 per image: so you better ask my permission in advance (which usually is granted at no costs).

Best regards,

Jan B. Timmermans (1941), Valkenswaard, The Netherlands