AFX-2792 Professional Power Supply

This power supply has a super-stable output voltage and is short-circuit protected.
Input Voltage: 220-240V AC
Output Voltage: 13.8V DC
Output Current: continuous 6 A max. 8 A
Dimensions: 175 x 125 x 70

12v DC Jump Start

I use this Jump Start to power my Acuter Merlin Mount.
As the cigarette lighter connector [out of sight on the right] is highly unreliable I installed a new connector [just left of the reflector] and also an ON/OFF switch.
Of course I also provided the Merlin with the same type of connector; I also installed a 12V red LED in the power cord so that I can see that the 12V is actually there.
The problem with the unreliable cigarette lighter connector is that unexpectedly the 12V power to the Acuter Merlin Mount is interrupted due to a bad contact and then the Merlin stops tracking of course.
After that the whole setup procedure for the Merlin has to be redone, which is highly irritating especially when the Sun gets close to trees/buildings and/or clouds are arriving.

Einhell EGS 3500 12v DC 18Ah power station

I have not yet tested how long it can feed my laptop which normally is externally powered from the mains via an AC Adapter.

Torch with winder: no batteries, no mains

While visiting a DIY-store I saw this nice and affordable torch.
I did not hesitate and bought it immediately, because recharging it is so simple:
wind for 10 seconds and you have light for 10 minutes [and 30 seconds will give you 30 minutes light].
It has white LEDS which give a blueish white light; one of these days I might make a red cap.

HP AC/DC Adapter: Mains to 18Volt DC Converter

HP AC/DC Adapter: Mains to 18Volt DC This HP AC/DC Adapter: Mains to 18Volt DC feeds my LX200 very well !

Eminent 3973 Universal Laptop Charger:
220 Volt AC to 19 Volt DC

Universal Laptop Charger EM3973
In addition to the power adapter that came with my new Toshiba L300-22E laptop I also bought this Universal Laptop Charger: nice to have an extra one for use in my observatory!

Battery Bar: Free Software

Battery Bar: Free Software
The picture tells it all ..
Download here