* My Favourite Tools

Imaging, Aligning & Stacking, Post Processing

* Name and link Category Type
* Animagic Animation software Commercial (discontinued)
* Astrowave Post Processing (rotation angle calculator) Freeware
  Autostitch AUTOMATIC Mosaic construction Freeware (Demo)
* Deep Sky Stacker Post Processing [Aligning and Stacking] Freeware
* EOS Movrec EOS Camera Movie Record Freeware
  The Gimp Post Processing Freeware
* GuideDog Autoguiding Freeware
* iMerge Mosaic construction Freeware
  iPrep Preprocessing software (synthetic flat frames) Freeware
* Irfanview Post Processing Freeware
  Iris Powerful Alignment, stacking and Post Processing [LRGB !!!] Freeware
  Iris Cookbook Beginners Tutorial (Cookbook) Freeware
  K3CCDTools 1 Imaging and Post Processing Freeware
* K3CCDTools 3 Imaging and Post Processing Low cost license
  K3CCDTools Tutorial K3CCDTools Long Exposure Tutorial Freeware
  Loreal Post Processing Freeware (click on the screenprint to download)
  LXPark Synchronise the time between Laptop and LX200 Freeware
  Maxim DL Post Processing Freeware (Demo version)
  MetaGuide Collimation tool for SCT scopes Freeware
* NeatImage Post Processing Freeware (Demo version)
  NeatImage Quick User Guide NeatImage Tutorial Freeware
  Niteview Swaps your (laptop)screen in Night Vision mode and back Freeware
* Photoshop CS2 Post Processing Commercial
  Photoshop Tutorial by Jerry Lodriguss Photoshop Tutorial Freeware
  Photoshop Tutorial by Jerry Lodriguss Photoshop Tutorial
"Combining 2 Different Exposures"
Note: in the tutorial it says 'VIEW > NEW VIEW'; in Photoshop CS2 this is ''Window > Arrange > New window for .."
  Photoshop Tutorial by Jim Misti Photoshop Tutorial Freeware
  Photoshop Tutorial by Steve Cannistra Photoshop Tutorial Freeware
  Photoshop Examples by T.G. Tan Photoshop Tutorial Freeware
  Photoshop : How to handle star bloating Photoshop Tutorial Freeware
* Photoshop : Don Waid's Tutorials Photoshop Tutorials [live demo]
  Photoshop : Get Vibrant colors without
increasing contrast
Photoshop Tutorial
* Photoshop: FITS Liberator plugin
My preference is for version 2.1
[via 'Download past versions ']
FITS Liberator Download
Requires Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements 2.0
  Photoshop: FITS Liberator User Guide FITS Liberator User Guide Freeware
  Photoshop: FITS Liberator Tutorial How to by Noel Carboni Freeware
* PixInsight LE Post Processing: my preference for Dynamic Background Extraction Freeware
* PixInsight LE Processing Scenario
by Rob Kantelberg
PixInsight LE Processing Scenario by Rob Kantelberg Freeware
  PixInsight LE Tutorials PixInsight LE: Tutorials Freeware
  PixInsight LE Quick User Guide PixInsight LE: Quick User Guide by Dave Nash Freeware
* Registax Post Processing Freeware
* Registax: BatchMaker Utility Batch Aligning and Stacking Freeware
  Screen Vision Enlarge portion of the screen e.g. for better focusing Freeware
  StarMax Startrail Animation Freeware
* VirtualDub AVI Editor Freeware
* WcCtrl Control and recording of camera settings Freeware

Skycharts, Planetarium, Star Catalogues

  Name and link Category Type
  Cartes du Ciel (CdC) Planetarium Freeware. Recommended
* Megastar 5.0 Planetarium Commercial
* Moontool Moon age and phase Freeware
* The Planets Saturn/Jupiter and their satellites Freeware
* Skymap Pro version 8 DEMO Planetarium Freeware (Demo version)
  Starry Night Pro 5.0 Planetarium Commercial
* USNO-SA2.0 Star catalog (e.g. Megastar) Freeware
  USNO-A2.0 Extensive 11-CD Star catalog Freeware
* Virtual Moon Atlas Moon Atlas Freeware

Utilities, webtools ...

  Name and link Category Type
* AML Free Registry Cleaner Computer cleanup: registry, duplicate files, unnecessary files etc. Freeware
* Avast! Antivirus Virus Protection and cleanup Freeware
* AVG Virus Protection Freeware
* Battery Bar Very nice laptop battery indicator Freeware
* EASEUS Todo Backup Partition Image Backup/Restore. Freeware
* EasyCleaner Computer cleanup: registry, duplicate files, unnecessary files etc. Freeware
* Editpad Pro Powerful text editor [generic search/replace in all open files, including sub-directories] Free demo version
* Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Computer cleanup: registry, duplicate files, unnecessary files etc. Freeware
  Glassy Buttons (such as my Sitemap button) Website: online glass button generator Freeware
* GSpot GSpot reveals inside information about your AVI, such as the Codec used and whether this Codec is installed on your computer. Freeware
  Manuals Manuals Manuals A treasure trove of manuals Free to download
* Rename Master Rename master [bulk file rename] Freeware
  Scroll Autoscroller of large images Freeware
* SITELEVEL: Site Search Engine Sitelevel is a Powerful Site Search Engine, which allows you to edit the look of Search Box and the Search Results.
You can invoke the crawler whenever you want and also on a regular basis.
You can define synonyms, so that e.g. searching for 'Sun' also shows pages containing 'Solar'
  Skype Telephone calls via the Internet Freeware
* Spybot Spyware detection and removal. Freeware
* SUPERAntiSpyware Spyware detection and removal. Freeware
* TeamViewer Remote Access to my observatory computer Freeware
  Wallpaper Changer Changes wallpaper on desk automatically Freeware
  YRefresher Automatically refreshes any webpage Freeware

Links to other astro software: Ashley Roeckelein's links and Sylvain Weiller's links will save you lots of time searching for it.