To observe and/or image the Sun I have made a set of special filters, which can be viewed on this page.

First a word of WARNING: the combination of a telescope and the Sun is very dangerous: make sure you know what you are doing because instant severe eye damage or even blindness could be the price you pay for a moment of negligence.

NEVER use a filter directly on the eye piece, but ALWAYS put a filter on the 'sky end' of your telescope or any other optical device.

IMPORTANT: when you image or view the Sun only ONE person is responsible: YOU !!

To protect your eyes you MUST ONLY use PROVEN quality material which has been especially made for this purpose and do NOT EXPERIMENT with something YOU think will be good enough!
Make sure that the material you use is free of pin-holes or blemishes by holding it up to the Sun or a very bright halogen lamp and and looking through it with the naked eye.

Finally when testing your Solar Filter always do that with utmost care: do NOT start with looking into the eyepiece but first hold your hand in front of the eyepiece: if you see a lot of light projected on your hand you can be sure that your filter is not in proper order, so you have to take it off and inspect it by holding it in a very bright light, for example a halogen lamp.

For all my Solar Filters I used special foil: Baader AstroSolar (TM) Solar Filter Foil (Sonnenfilter Folie).

Solar Filter: SLR Photolens

For my 135mm SLR Photolens (diameter 55mm) I bought in a second hand shop two UV-filters. Next I cut out a circle of Solar Foil with the required size and I sandwiched it between the two UV filters, which I screwed together.
This way the vulnerable Solar Foil is nicely protected against physical damage and the whole filter can be easily mounted/dismounted.

Solar foil sandwiched between 2 UV filters [diameter 55mm, suitable for my 135mm SLR Photolens].

Solar Filter: 10cm Maksutov [SOLD]
For my 10cm Maksutov I followed a similar approach, but here I used one of the filter rings that came with the Maksutov (in total I had 3 filter rings, one with neutral optical glass, one with orange glass and another one with green glass. As I never use these filters I just removed the filter glass by unscrewing a holding ring).
I inserted a circle of Solar foil between the neutral and orange glass and put black tape on the 'standing' side of the glass combo, so that the Solar Foil stays nicely in place. This is important as I discovered just in time !
Because the 10cm filter rings were made for my 10cm Maksutov the Solar Filter can be easily mounted/dismounted on my Maksutov.
The orange colour does not matter much to me: usually I convert my images of the Sun into black and white.

Solar Filter: 15cm TAL-2M [SOLD]
As I did not want to make another Solar Filter just for my 15cm TAL-2M I decided to use the 10cm Solar Filter for my Maksutov.
In the DIY store I bought a metal cap which fits over my TAL-2M, cut a 9 cm hole in it and bolted a 10cm filter ring (ex Maksutov) on top of the cap.
Of course the 10cm Solar Filter fits perfectly on this ring: standard is standard!

Solar Filter: 8x50 finder (on my TAL-2M)
Same procedure as above, but I used 2 circles of normal window glass to protect the Solar Foil. I used standard PVC tube to hold the glass with foil and glued it together.

LX200 Solar filter