On this page you see conjunctions that are very special to me ....
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My nephew Harold visiting me
August 16, 2010.
Image by his mother, who happens to be my sister :o)
Canis Minor Observatory in Hungary
May 10, 2009.
During my holidays I visited friends in Nagykanizsa [Hungary], and I also met fellow astronomer Zsolt Perko of the local astronomy club
Zsolt took me to the construction site of the new observatory: first light expected September 2009.
It will house an LX200 16 inch telescope!

Outreach - February 17, 2009
A local school just completed a project about stars and planets, and invited me to give a talk.
Basis of my presentation was my O*U*T*R*E*A*C*H Astroshow

January 11, 2009.
During their visit of October 3, 2008 I invited Maud and Talitha to come back and have a look at the night sky through a telescope. It was close to freezing point, but Maud and Talitha enjoyed viewing Aldebaran, Venus [hey: it looks like the moon !], the Pleiades, the Andromeda Galaxy [so far away ...]
This photo shows Maud counting the stars of the Pleiades.
January 11, 2009.
And this is Talitha enjoying the Pleiades.
Both young ladies came prepared wearing multiple layers of clothes !
January 11, 2009.
Talitha once more: just watch her eyes ....
December 29, 2008.
On this rather cold winter day Michael Booth - from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia - visited me.
Michael was in The Netherlands for family matters and currently is record holder for the most far away visitor: 16.820 kilometres.
We talked a lot and also enjoyed a clear [and cold] night sky.

October 3, 2008.
Two 8 year old schoolgirls [Maud and Talitha] visited me to obtain information for a presentation at school.

November 30, 2007.
My 4 month young grandson Sem groping for the moon !

September 4, 2007.
While camping on Campsite Bois Girault in Arrabloy [France] I found out that almost all camping guests were Dutch.
Not highly surprising, as the camping is owned and operate by Dutch farmers; the best thing of this camping is that it is completely dark at night: no lights!
When I set up my telescope this immediately drew a lot of attention: about 20-25 people turned up and I enjoyed to explain what they saw, both with the unaided eye and through my telescope.
I consider this unplanned star party a special conjunction!
July 30, 2007.
A VERY special conjunction indeed!
On the birthday of my wife our first grandchild was born: his name is Sem and all is well with mother and child.
You see the happy grandmother and grandson (5 hours old): what a conjunction ...
July 8, 2007.
Hobby astronomer Gary Allen - from Portland, Oregon [USA] - had to go for business to the area where I live, and before leaving the USA he contacted me by e-mail and we arranged to meet.
Together we enjoyed the surroundings of Valkenswaard and this photo - in front of my observatory - proves that Gary [left] indeed visited my observatory.
Of course we talked a lot about astronomy too: we both are bitten by the same bug !
June 2, 2007 10:06 UT.
With a helping hand from Peter K3CCDTools Katreniak I was able to image Aquarius in broad daylight !
The Q2006 Conference took place on October 28 -29, 2006.
Dave Nash and Tom How did a great job in organising this event: thank you guys !!!
As expected we did not enjoy clear skies during the evening, so we dined, quizzed, talked and talked and talked [and that makes thirsty].
Sunday October 29 was very nice: we saw the sun and after observing filaments and the spectrum we decided for a group image.
Some guys were present on Saturday, but had other obligations on Sunday [Dave Cook, Steve Chambers, Marco Paolilli, Simon Smith and some others I might have forgotten .... ]
November 14, 2005
Only hours after I had put my TAL-2M up for sale Ramon Seopershad mailed me that he wanted to buy the scope and on November 14, 2005 the actual transfer took place.
Ramon - on the right - is grinning with joy while I have a more serious look on my face as I was not sure if my wife was doing the right things when taking this picture :o)
Both Ramon and I were very happy though and I am sure that Ramon will do his best to rival my images !.

September 22, 2005
While camping in France not too far from Blois I contacted QCUIAG-member Stephane Poirier and together we spend a nice evening under the stars!
It was interesting to exchange experiences and to watch another astronomer at work.

Here Stephane is doing some aiming: obviously an elastic neck is a must for astronomers ...
July 24, 2005
Florentijn [left] and Louis Maatman [right] - QCUIAG members and fellow Dutchmen - visited me: it was nice to inspire each other!
They arrived just in time so that we could have a look at my observatory with the roof still open, but soon we had to close the roof: the rain had arrived.
Therefore the special conjunction photo was captured inside my house: in front of my 90x90 cm image of the 14 day 7 hour old moon and through the window you can see my observatory [with closed roof, of course].
June 29, 2005
Oscar Wijthoff from Belgium came over to visit my observatory: we talked a lot!
May 29, 2005
Peter 'K3CCDTools' Katreniak [left] and me discussing cameras and SLR Photolenses.

July 16, 2004: First meeting of QCUIAG NL.
From left to right: Kees Molders, Jan Timmermans, Matthias Meijer and Rob Kantelberg.
In the background: the observatory and TAL-2M [happy owner: Jan].

Matthias Meijer installs his ETX90 to capture sunspots; Kees and Rob supervise.

Together we image M27.
For Kees and Rob it was the first time they saw a DSO being captured.
April 7, 2004.
Dutch QCUIAG member Kees Molders came to visit me and exchange experiences, which is an always interesting activity!
We both are looking expectingly at the camera and wonder if the self-exposure would actually work ...: it DID !
February 21, 2004: Q-2004 Conference
From left to right: Jan Timmermans [The Netherlands], Carsten Arnholm [Norway], Peter Katreniak [Slovakia], Steve Wainwright [UK] and Steve Chambers [UK].
February 21, 2004
During the Q-2004 Conference Peter Katreniak [Slovakia], Carsten Arnholm [Norway] and Jan Timmermans [The Netherlands] for the first all met together in real life: a true conjunction of friends!
Imaged by Peter Lloyd.
October 8, 2003
Not really a conjunction, but yet a special event: I am in Greenwich UK and standing on meridian zero, which is nothing special but yet rather special!
October 6, 2003
TAL-2M owners meeting in Bromley UK. This is the scope owned by John Punnett [right] and as it was cloudy we simply left it where it was stored, waiting for clear skies.
It was nice to exchange experiences and views and my wife and I were especially pleased with some nice drawings made by the junior members of the Punnett household!
July 19, 2003
Dutch conspiracy: visiting Matthias Meijer, Rob Kantelberg and me exchanging views to improve our imaging techniques.
July 12, 2003
I visited Rob Kantelberg in St. Oedenrode. Look at his vintage 6 incher!
June 29, 2003
John Sussenbach [left] has just completed his inspection tour of my observatory.
June 29, 2003: me and the brightest star in my life: my wife Tineke.

June 1, 2003
With Peter Katreniak [K3CCDTools] in his home in Kosice, Slovakia.
May 31, 2003 02:14 UT.
Peter Katreniak [right] and I getting ready for the annular solar eclipse.
Location: hillside, Kosice, Slovakia.
Imaged by Zuzka Katreniakova.
May 11, 2003
I visited TAL-2M collegue Rudi Prinz in Adelsberg, Bavaria, Germany.
This Psalm 19:1 text from the Bible is engraved on the farmhouse of Rudi Prinz and it says: "the heavens declare the glory of God."
I find it much more than a coincidence that this text is also the [clickable] title of my website [see above].
Note the 23 days old moon just above the roof!
July 11, 2002
Cor Berrevoets [Registax] meets Peter Katreniak [K3CCDTools].

July 9, 2002
Visiting Peter (K3CCDTools) Katreniak is looking through my telescope and says: "Jan, you have a colour telescope!"