Note: My new [November 2009] Toshiba L33-22E laptop does not have a parallel port so autoguiding with two webcams currently is impossible for me.

For Autoguiding it is vital to be able to find a sufficiently enough bright star to be used as guide star. But standard webcams are not sensitive enough and allthough SC3 modified webcams are more sensitive it is still hard: what we want is to use a modified webcam in LONG EXPOSURE mode.
The problem is that we are already imaging with a long exposure webcam and thus the parallel port is already occupied.

K3CCDTools author and owner Peter Katreniak has found a way to service TWO Long Exposure webcams with ONE parallel port and this feature is available since K3CCDTools 2.2.4
I strongly recommend you to visit that page for further information and have a good look at the bit patterns of the settings panels for camera 1 and 2.

Splitter Box
Based on Peter Katreniak's wiring diagram my good friend Carsten Arnholm has designed this Splitter box and he also made one for me: THANK YOU Carsten !!
These words at the bottom of the Splitter Box mean a lot to me: friendship !
The Splitter Box installed in my observatory and hooked up to my Asus L5800GX laptop computer via a female-female connector and printer extension cable.
I have made 2 LX cables and labelled them 1 and 2.
Note: the cable with the keyboard connector is a leftover from my first webcam: a Logitech QuickCam [out of commission].

Note: Make sure that both webcams are running at 5 frames per second: