Galaxies are the most remote objects: huge systems of stars, clusters and nebulae, like our own Milky Way. There are several types of galaxy: Elliptical, Spiral, Barred Spiral and Irregular.

The Galaxies are sorted on their catalog number.
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IC10 - Multi Galaxy System M31 Andromeda Galaxy M32 Elliptical Galaxy M33 Triangulum Galaxy
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy M61 Spiral Galaxy M63 Sunflower Galaxy M64 Blackeye Galaxy
M65 Spiral Galaxy M66 Spiral Galaxy Leo Triplet: M65 - M66 - NGC3628 M74 Spiral Galaxy
M77 Spiral Galaxy M81 Bode's Galaxy M82 Cigar Galaxy M84 Lenticular Galaxy
M85 Lenticular Galaxy M86 Lenticular Galaxy M94 Spiral Galaxy M95 Barred Spiral Galaxy
M96 Spiral Galaxy M98 Spiral Galaxy M99 Spiral Galaxy M100 Spiral Galaxy
M101 Pinwheel Galaxy M102 Lenticular Galaxy M104 Sombrero Galaxy M105 Elliptical Galaxy
M106 Spiral Galaxy M108 Spiral Galaxy M109 Spiral Galaxy M110 Elliptical Galaxy
NGC71 - Group of Galaxies NGC404 Galaxy NGC891 - Edge-on Galaxy in Andromeda
NGC911 Group of Galaxies NGC1275 Group of Galaxies NGC2403 - Galaxy
NGC2841 - Spiral Galaxy NGC2903 - Spiral Galaxy NGC2976 - Spiral Galaxy NGC3077 - Irregular Galaxy
NGC3184 - Sprial Galaxy NGC3190 group of galaxies NGC3384 - NGC3389 - M95 -M96 - M105: a Quintet of 5 Galaxies in Leo NGC3521 - Spiral Galaxy
NGC3684 - NGC3686 - NGC3691 - Galaxy Triplet in Leo NGC4298 and NGC4203 - Galaxies NGC4562 and NGC4565 - Galaxies
NGC4631 - Herring or Whale Galaxy & NGC4627 NGC4656 & NGC4657 - Crowbar or Hockey stick Galaxy NGC4725 Galaxy NGC5981/5982/5985 Galaxies in Draco
NGC6946 - Fireworks Galaxy NGC7317/18A/18B/1920 - Stephan's Quintet NGC7331 group of galaxies NGC7332 and NGC7339 galaxies
Virgo Cluster of Galaxies