Elliptical Galaxy M105 (NGC 3379), type E1, in Leo with NGC 3384 and NGC3389.

RA 10 : 47.8 [h:m]; DEC +12 : 35 [deg:m]; Distance 38 million light years; Visual Brightness 9.3 [mag]; Apparent Dimension 2.0 [arc min]

M105 is the brightest elliptical galaxy in the Leo I or M96 group of galaxies, and as such approximately 38 million light years distant.
It is of type E1, and often studied as a typical representative of elliptical galaxies.

Investigations with the Hubble Space Telescope of the central region of M105 have revealed that this galaxy contains a massive central object of about 50 million solar masses.

Source and more: SEDS

M105 - Elliptical Galaxy with NGC3384 and NGC3389.
March 20, 2006 20:59 - 21:20 UT.
Imaged with LX200 10-inch f/10 telescope with 0.33 Focal Reducer operating at f/4.06 [focal length 1015mm], Vesta Pro-SC3a b/w RAW mode, Baader Infra Red Blocking Filter.
64 autoguided exposures of 12 seconds.