Diffuse Nebula M43 (NGC 1982), an emission and reflection nebula, in Orion

This area - M42 with M43 - is especially nice for wide field imaging and to be able to do this I bought some second hand SLR Photolenses.

M42/M43 area - Orion's Sword
February 16, 2010 19:00 - 20:00 UT.
Imaging: William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO with William Optics 0.8 Focal reducer operating at f/5.4 [focal length approx 435mm] and
Canon 1000D DSLR [unmodified] with Astronomik CLS clip filter.
Exposures: 30x120s + 2x30s + 10x20s + 20x10s [RAW]; ISO 800, autoguided with LX200 and SC3 modified webcam. Darks and bias subs, no flats.

February 6, 2005 20:00 - 20:30 19:03 UT.
The Sword of Orion, the Hunter.
Imaged with 135mm SLR Photolens, SC3a b/w RAW camera and Astronomik H-Alpha filter.
Mosaic of 2 AVIs: 26 and 32x25 seconds, unguided.

January 12, 2005 21:56 - 22:01 UT.
Imaged with 200 mm SLR Photolens, SC3a b/w RAW camera and Baader Infra Red Blocking Filter.

December 19, 2004 21:59 - 22:17 UT.
Imaged with 135mm SLR Photolens, SC3a b/w RAW camera, Baader Infra Red Blocking Filter and Astronomik H-Alpha filter.
Three AVIs: 16x20 seconds; 19x7 seconds and 28x1 second, the results of which were combined in Registax.

September 23, 2003 04:17 - 04:21 UT
I went out to image the 26 day old moon, but it was still behind the trees. So I decided to try the sword of Orion. It was tricky because it was already getting light so it was a race against the sun and I did not have enough time for fine tuning my camera settings.
Click here for this image with annotations.
YRGB post processing.

March 15, 2003 20:12 UT
I was busy in my observatory and suddenly I saw the Orion constellation through a gap in the trees.
My cheapo TV-lens was already mounted on my camera and set at 10mm. I did not hesitate long and captured a small avi with my Vesta SC-1, exposure 2.5 seconds.

The sky as seen from my observatory on January 17, 2003 20:22 UT January 17, 2003 20:22
The Orion constellation and my telescope bathing in the light of the silvery full moon. Imaged with my Vesta SC with original untouched Vesta lens, piggy back mounted on the RA arm of my telescope.
6 exposures of 15 seconds, stacked in Registax, no further post processing.

January 24, 2003 19:09 UT
NGC 1977 Open Cluster, size 20 arc seconds.

January 8, 2003 21:10 UT
My first wide field image (with 35mm SLR Photolens) of the Sword of Orion.

January 8, 2003 22:21 UT
Wide field image with 135mm SLR Photolens and 2x Teleconverter of the Orion Nebula.