Open Cluster M52 (NGC 7654), type 'e', in Cassiopeia

RA 23 : 24.2 (h:m); Declination +61 : 35 (deg:m); Distance 5000 light years;
Visual Brightness 7.3 (mag); Apparent Dimension 13.0 (arc min)

M52 is a fine open cluster located in a rich Milky Way field. It is one of the rich clusters for which amateur Jeff Bondono has proposed the name "salt and pepper" clusters. Ake Wallenquist (1959) found 193 probable members in a region of 9' radius, and the density near the center is about 3 stars per cubic parsec.

Source and more: SEDS

October 9, 2008 19:29 - 19:58 UT.
Imaging: William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO at f/6.8 [focal length 545 mm], ATK16IC camera, Astronomik LRGB filters.
Exposures: L: 10x120s [1x1]; RGB: 5x30s [2x2], unguided.

Wide field: M52 [Open Cluster] with NGC7635 [Bubble Nebula].
October 14, 2007 18:58 - 19:49 UT.
Imaging: William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO, f/6.8 with 0.6 Mogg focal reducer [focal length approx. 245 mm], Astronomik Ha filter; ATK16IC b/w camera, K3CCDTools; exposures: 11x300s; unguided.

September 20, 2006 21:05 - 21:16 UT.
Imaged with LX200 10-inch f/10 telescope with 0.33 Focal Reducer operating at f/4.06 [focal length 1015mm] and Baader Infra Red Blocking Filter.
Camera: Vesta Pro SC3a b/w RAW webcam, 39 autoguided exposures of 15 seconds.