The Moon is our closest companion in the sky: some 360.000 kilometres away, or as astronomers say: "only one light-SECOND away". This means that light - which travels at a speed of roughly 300.000 kilometres per second - covers the distance between the moon and the earth in just over one second. Wow.
The sky, the universe: I find it of a majestic magnitude. Surely the universe was no accident but - as the Bible tells us - God's own creation.
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The moon changes day-by-day. From New Moon through First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon.
I am busy in collecting a day-by-day images collection: only the very young and the very old moon phases are missing: they are the most difficult because the sun is so close.
Also the LIBRATION of the moon is shown on this page.
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Moon Details in High Resolution and Annotated
Annotated Hi Resolution images with stunning details and mouseover captions.
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Moon Details
Detailed images of craters, Mares (=seas) with descriptive information. And you can compare my images of the crater Clavius with the photos made by the Lunar Orbiter
Moon Mosaics: many giant moons !
This is the area of the huge moon mosaics: LOTS of pixels and BIG files. Large images with often stunning detail. For observers with a big appetite ....

Lunar Eclipses:
November 2003
March 2007
August 2008