Rainbows are fantastic.
I think almost everybody has seen one.
Whenever I see a rainbow I always have a look and then my thoughts go to the Bible text in Genesis 9 verses 11-17, where God promises Noah that He will not destroy the whole earth with a flood again.
And as a visual sign of this promise God has put the rainbow in the clouds.

Often rainbows occur in pairs, whereby the colours of the secondary (dimmer) rainbow are in reverse order of the primary rainbow: did you ever notice this?

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September 18, 2011.
During our vacation in the beautiful Weserbergland area in Germany my wife and I were dining in a nice restaurant in Polle.
Suddenly we noticed this fine double rainbow, so I grabbed the camera and held the lens against the window.
Camera: Canon IXUS 95 IS full automatic mode; focal length 6.2 mm.
June 3, 2007.
Together with Peter Katreniak and his wife, my wife and I visited the castle Krasna Horka in Slovakia.
When we looked outside - through a window - we saw this nice rainbow, so immediately we aimed our Nikon Coolpix cameras and shot this rainbow.
I am not sure whether the cannons fired too ...

June 5, 2005 14:45 UT and 16:56 / 17:05 UT. [above]
While camping in Liptovsky Trnovec, Slovakia I captured the above two rainbows in just over 2 hours.
Camera: Coolpix 995 in full automatic mode.
It is interesting to see the difference in height of the rainbow, caused by the altitude of the sun.

May 7, 2005.
While camping in Kamnik, Slovenia I captured my first rainbow.
Click the thumbnail to enlarge or click here for an even larger version of this photo.

And here is the WHOLE rainbow: 3 frames stitched with Autostitch. Click the thumbnail to enlarge or click here for the full arc in full sized version.