Our Sun is a giant ball of gas with a diameter of roughly 14 million kilometres and its radius is 109 times the radius of Earth and its mass contains almost all mass of our Solar System: 99.9%. Thus for all the planets and moons in our Solar System - including our own Earth which we consider so very important - only 0.1 % is left.
This surely brings things into perspective ....

The Sun rotates differentially: at the poles in 36 days and at the equator in 25 days.

Earth's orbit around the sun is an ellipse, not a circle, so the Earth-sun distance varies from 147.5 million km to 152.6 million km.

The core of the Sun has a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius; the outer layers are 6000 degrees Celsius.

We can be happy that the Sun is just at the correct distance for us: otherwise we would either freeze or burn. Surely this is no coincidence: God made it this way.

And amazingly enough: the apparent size of our own moon matches the apparent size of the Sun: the Sun is 400 times larger than our moon, but is also 400 times further away. And because of these matching apparent sizes we regularly can enjoy solar eclipses. No mere coincidence, but creation.

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